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In our many years in the CCTV and access control industry in Southern Colorado, we have learned that there are certain keys to a successful security camera installation for local homes and businesses. Everything from camera placement to having enough data storage can impact whether or not your security camera system is functioning correctly and capturing the images you need.

This month, we share what we have learned and how you can avoid making costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Keys to a Successful Security Camera Installation

Installing security camera systems can be difficult, as several potential problems can arise during the process. From incorrect camera placement to electrical issues to video storage capacity, understanding and avoiding these issues is essential for a successful installation.

Correct Camera Placement

The first step to ensuring a successful security camera installation is to evaluate the site. A site security survey will determine the best placement for the cameras and the most suitable type of camera for the desired area. This evaluation should also consider lighting, angles, and measures that protect the camera from potential obstructions or dangers.

Incorrect camera placement can be a significant issue when installing CCTV systems. A camera that is not in the correct position will capture the wrong field of view and may also create blurry images because of light flares or inadequate lighting.

Adequate Lighting

Adequate lighting is critical to a successful security camera installation.

With too little lighting, the cameras cannot capture images of sufficient quality for surveillance.In addition, shadows caused by inadequate lighting can be misinterpreted by the system as movement, resulting in a false alarm.

On the other hand, night vision-enabled cameras are so sensitive to light that an outdoor light can create light flares, which can render the captured images useless.

Sufficient Wiring and Cables

SysLinks successful security camera installation requires proper wires and cablesSufficient wiring is also essential for a successful security camera installation. This requires installers to ensure that all wiring is connected correctly and securely and that both the wires and the connectors are the correct type for the system.

Having incorrect wiring during installation can cause system malfunctions and image distortion. If the wiring is not correctly connected, the system may not transmit the signal properly, or the image quality may suffer due to signal interference.

Incorrect wiring can also lead to power surges and other technical issues, damaging equipment and creating false alarms.

If you are monitoring outdoor areas, use wire and cable that are designed for outdoor use, including being insulated, as these are more resistant to the elements.

Once the system is functioning, regularly check the cables to ensure there is no damage from weather or animals that will prevent signal interference.

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Electrical Power

Incorrect wiring and insufficient electrical power can be significant issues that prevent successful security camera installation, as both can lead to system malfunctions and image distortion.

If the power supply is not powerful enough, the system may not be able to handle the power requirements, leading to system instability and potential damage to the hardware. Insufficient power can also cause the image quality to suffer because the system may not have the power to process the signal from the cameras adequately. Finally, insufficient power can lead to false alarms, as the system may not be able to detect movement or other events accurately.

To ensure you have sufficient electrical power for your CCTV system, begin by calculating the power requirements for the system, component by component. Once you know the requirements for the individual pieces, adding them up will determine the total power needed for the system, enabling you to select the suitable power supply.

Prevent Interference From Other Technology

Sometimes homeowners sabotage their own efforts for a successful security camera installation with tools they use everyday. Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, and other wireless devices can interfere with the camera signal, causing significant problems that need to be resolved for the system to function correctly.

Interference can cause the signal to become distorted, resulting in poor image quality and unreliable detection of movement or other events, or even causing the system to generate false alarms due to misinterpretation of the signal.

Hardware Compatibility

To guarantee a successful security camera installation, every component—including cameras, cables, power supplies, and servers—must be compatible.

For example, if a camera is not compatible with the power supply, the system will not be able to provide the camera with the necessary power, and the camera will not work.

One easy way to prevent these issues when installing CCTV is to purchase the equipment from your professional CCTV installer. The equipment will be tested for compatibility before installation, preventing problems from cropping up unexpectedly.

DVR Storage Capacity

CCTV systems generate large amounts of data, and to access and analyze that data, your system needs to connect to a DVR or other recording device with adequate storage. If the storage capacity is inadequate, the system cannot store the data and cannot function as expected.

Additionally, inadequate storage capacity can lead to data loss, as new footage will overwrite older footage to make space for the new data.

For a successful security camera installation, we recommend spending slightly more on a storage system that will exceed your current needs.

Successful Security Camera Installation is Possible With System Links

At System Links, we have the knowledge and experience to avoid common issues when installing CCTV systems for our Southern Colorado clients. If you are interested in purchasing and installing a CCTV or access control system installation, System Links has the services you need to get the job done right the first time. Contact us today for your free on-site consultation and quote.