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Installing access control systems in areas with no network or power connections used to present a real challenge to installers. And the lack of options made many business owners feel that protecting their data, assets, or building was an arduous process hardly worth their time. Fortunately, those days are in the past.

With emerging technologies from industry leaders like VizPin means no network or power connections equals no problem. This month we discuss the options for access control systems, from antiquated to cutting-edge, where there is a lack of available connections and the pros and cons of each.

Antiquated Options For Access Control with No Network or Power Connections

Without spending too much time in the past, here are some traditional methods for controlling access without using power or network connections.

Mechanical Locks

A traditional lock and key entry system requires no network or power connections and is a simple, typically reliable, way to control access to an area. However, keys are easy to misplace, loan to a friend or colleague, and copy. The exposure to these risks leaves many Southern Colorado business owners looking for a better option.

Manual Access Control

Manual identity verification before granting access is another antiquated option for access control. Think of a security guard comparing your ID to their list of approved individuals before allowing access to your workspace. The potential headaches involved with staff changes, not to mention the cost of employing a security guard, make this option unappealing to many businesses.

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Better Options for Access Control in Areas with No Network or Power Connections

Springboarding from the traditional access control solutions above, here are two more advanced options for controlling access when there is no network or power connections.

Battery-Powered Standalone Access Control Systems

Standalone access control systems that rely on battery power are another option when no network or power is available. System installation is accomplished on a per-door basis, with keyless entry via access cards or PIN codes.

The issue with battery-powered standalone systems is that batteries do not last forever. If the batteries die and you do not have replacements, your systems are open to compromise until replaced.

Passive RFID Technology

RFID or radio-frequency identification is also viable option for access control when no network or power connections are available. RFID technology is often the main component in keycards and fobs, and the technology has a proven track record for access control applications.

However, like physical keys, keycards and fobs can be loaned to unauthorized individuals, misplaced, or stolen.

The Best Options for Access Control When There Are No Network or Power Connections

If you are a Southern Colorado business owner who does not like any of the above solutions for access control. Industry leaders like VIZpin are developing new methods for access control that do not require network interaction or traditional power supplies. Here are two examples:

Bluetooth-Based Access Control

Smartphone-based access systems are increasingly popular among property managers and business owners due to their benefits over traditional cards and fobs. However, the major problem with most systems is that users can get locked out when their Wifi or cell network is not working.

VIZpin has taken smartphone-based access control to the next logical level by developing built-in long-range Bluetooth Readers that can be placed inside the secured area, not outside, where they can be tampered with.

Once the ‘key’ is generated and downloaded onto a user’s smartphone, it remains there. The VIZpin Controller authenticates the user without a network connection. Access to a network is necessary only during the initial setup.

Solar Power

no network or power connections is no problem with vizpin solar power

Next,VIZpin is pioneering alternative power technologies with the first-ever solar-powered smartphone access control system aptly named the Solar Kit. The Solar Kit is easy to install, doesn’t require power and can be managed remotely without a local network connection.

The kit includes a gate/door controller, a long-range Bluetooth Reader, a solar panel, a battery, a charge controller, and mounting hardware. With just three hours of sun exposure daily, the battery can continuously power a typical 12VDC lock or latch. On those rare days without the sun in Southern Colorado, the battery will continue to power the lock for up to four days.

Conclusion: No Network or Power Connections? No Problem with System Links

Not so long ago, a lack of power or network connections would prevent Colorado businesses from getting reliable access control solutions. But as technology evolves, these limitations are no longer viable reasons to put off protecting your business data and assets.

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