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Today, more Southern Colorado businesses than ever are using electronic door locks for access control. If you are researching how to best control access to your location, you have likely already come across various options available, including smart-technology-based access control utilizing electronic door locks.

But what is an electronic door lock, and how do they work alongside Bluetooth access control to give your employees and assets more protection? Please keep reading to find out the answer to these two questions and our list of why electronic door locks for access control might be the right choice for your business.

What Is An Electronic Door Lock?

Simply put, an electronic door lock operates by employing an electrical current. There are two types of electronic door locks for access control available, and the chances are that you have come across one or both recently without knowing it.

Magnetic Door Locks

Magnetic door locks, or mag locks, are popular solutions for office buildings with glass doors. An electromagnet is installed on the top of the doorframe, with a metal plate attached to the door. When the mag lock is active, the connection between the magnet and the metal plate is strong enough to withstand significant pressure without opening.

To disengage the lock, power to the electromagnet must be interrupted, which is the job of an electronic access control solution. Because electromagnets are so powerful, mag locks doors typically lock on both sides.

Electric Door Strikes

Chances are you have come across a door with electronic door strikes without knowing. These doors have a handle with a lockset and, from outward appearance, do not look different from traditional lock and key handles. However, locks with electric door strikes require an electrical impulse in addition to a lockset to release the door and provide access.

How does this work? Electronic door strikes have actuators that connect a bolt or cylinder to a small motor inside the door’s frame. The motor must receive an electrical impulse from the electronic access control system to start the actuator and release the magnet’s pull.

The tell-tale sign of access control that utilizes electric door strikes is the “click” you hear as the bolt or cylinder slides back, releasing the door and allowing access.

Whereas a door with a mag lock is locked from both sides when engaged, doors with electric door strikes are generally locked only from the outside.

Sys Links - electronic door locks for access control using bluetooth

Electronic Door Locks and Bluetooth Access Control

Bluetooth technology has been around since the late 1990s and gained popularity in the 2000s. Today, many types of modern technology utilize Bluetooth in one way or another. Incorporating Bluetooth technology into access control is a logical step for those in the security industry. Many of the benefits of modern access control systems stem from the use of Bluetooth. Eliminating the need for physical keys, keypads and key cards, not to mention the additional security features from using user biometrics, are all made possible using Bluetooth technology.

But the reasons that most Colorado companies like to supplement their electronic door locks with Bluetooth access control solutions have nothing to do with the exciting tech and everything to do with the practical benefits it brings to their business.

Why Add Bluetooth to Your Electronic Door Locks For Access Control?

Here are the top three reasons we recommend local businesses consider electronic door locks for access control with VizPin:

No Network Requirements Means A More Cost-Effective Solution

VizPin’s access control is cloud-based. No physical network connection is required, so installation costs are much lower than traditional electronic access control systems.

Easy Installation

Installation of access control systems in the past has been a multi-day headache for both the installation technician and the business needing security protection. However, Bluetooth has cut this time considerably, not only because no network is required but also because installation is straightforward. All installation requires are electronic door locks, a power supply, your smartphone, and an experienced installer.

If you do not have electronic door locks already installed, VizPin has you covered with their VizPin Smart Lock. Contact us today for more information on this all-in-one, battery-operated access control solution!

Ease of Use

Imagine an access control system that doesn’t require you to fumble in your pockets or purse for keys before you can enter your building. Imagine not having to remember to collect keys and keycards from a departing employee. Imagine the administrative time you can save by granting (or revoking) access from anywhere at any time using your smartphone. These benefits, and more, are all possible when you include Bluetooth to your electronic door locks for access control.

Which Access Control Solution Is Right For Your Colorado Business?

As mentioned above, a myriad of options are available to Colorado business owners who want to protect their physical assets and employees with an access control system. How do you know if electric door locks for access control using Bluetooth are right for your business or if a more traditional solution is appropriate? Let System Links be your guide. We have the experience and know-how to provide you with the best access control and security camera installations at the best price.

The first step in getting your business protected is contacting us for your free on-site consultation and quote.