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Access control systems are gaining popularity across Colorado. An access entry system controls who can and can’t enter a building, ensuring that those who enter a building are only those that have been authorized to do so. As the world around us evolves, the technology behind securing your property and data is evolving as well. Keep reading to find out the many benefits and features of modern access control systems for your Front Range business.

What is an access control system?

Put simply, an access control system is the best way to improve the security of your building. Modern access control system technology eliminates many of the issues that are normally associated with key-based access entry. Small businesses in Colorado Springs want to have control over who can get in and out of their properties, while also keeping track of those who do have access. Using an access control system is a convenient way of providing quick and easy access for any authorized personnel and denies entry for those who are unauthorized, without the hassle of issuing traditional keys and locks. It is also becoming normal to see employees using an app on their smartphone to gain entry to the workplace and different levels of access within their workplace. Cloud-based access control systems, like those provided by VIZPin, restrict access to rooms within buildings that may hold sensitive data, workstations, and essential hardware.

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When an access control system is utilized in a building or property that is rented or requires different levels of access, those levels of access can be customized for each individual needing access. For instance, your receptionist may need access to only areas related to her job functions, whereas your CEO needs access to all areas of your property. Access control systems make it easy to assign each of these individuals access to the areas they need while securing sensitive or data-protected areas.

The Benefits of Modern Access Control Systems

Protecting your office, employees, owners, and tenants is the top priority of all Colorado business owners. A modern access entry system is a perfect solution to improve building security, whether it’s with a passcode, passcard, app-based, biometric or other keyless access control door entry system.

The Benefit of Being Able to Monitor All Activity

Utilizing a modern access control system helps small businesses and apartment buildings monitor who has accessed their facility or property. This modern technology can easily create an entry and exit log which will allow the security team to review data to determine those who have been accessing the building. The ability to track who enters a building is a great benefit because small businesses often hold valuable merchandise within their property, which makes them an appealing target for burglars. But the appeal to burglars can apply to any property, especially places like apartment buildings and churches which do not always have the proper security around the premises making the buildings easy targets for thieves. Having the ability to track who is entering the building and who enters different accessible areas helps prevent instances of burglary. If an instance of burglary does happen, security and authorities will be able to look at the entry log from the access control system and track who has been entering the premises.

The Benefit of Extra Security for Sensitive Information

Along with the concern of merchandise and other assets getting stolen, also consider the possibility of a data breach. Insider leaks, stolen hard drives, and personal property are common physical breaches. These particular data breaches for a business or apartment complex result in the loss of data, theft, and misuse of personal, employee or tenant info. This is why smart business owners and property managers should implement access control systems that are discretionary, meaning that only certain people have access to certain rooms or information, especially where data is stored or located. A system that provides the ability to have specific credentials for various levels of access control is imperative to help prevent this type of thievery and protect property and data.

The Benefit of Safety for Everyone in the Building

A keyless access control system greatly increases the safety of employees or tenants of a building because it protects them from potentially harmful intruders. A modern access control system that uses mobile credentials can also add an extra layer of security because that cannot be shared and/or copied with anyone. Some modern access control systems, like those provided by ENS, also have the ability to deny entry to employees or visitors who are not adhering to face-mask protocols, or who are feverish. In a post-pandemic world, this cutting-edge technology can provide you, your employees and your visitors with confidence that you value their health and safety.

Access Control Systems Eliminate Need For KeysThe Benefit of Not Having to Worry About Keys

It can be a hassle to have traditional keys because they are so easily lost and when a key is lost you have to make a new copy for whoever lost it. If there is an influx of new employees or tenants arriving or leaving, you have to collect the keys of people leaving to hand them to the new people or make entire new copies of the keys. If you are not able to gather all the keys from those exiting the company, or keys to sensitive areas have been lost, you may have to replace the entire key/lock system to ensure that unauthorized access to your business or property is not possible. This also leads to having to issue brand new keys to everyone who works or lives in the building that had to have the key and lock combination changed. With a modern access control system, you don’t have to worry about any of this. When a new person is hired at your company or moves into your apartment building, you give them access through the system. And when someone leaves, you can easily remove them from the ability to access the property without it affecting anyone else who still has access to the property.


Controlling access to your business or apartment complex has never been easier than now, with access control systems that eliminate the need for traditional keys. The technology behind these systems is secure and easy to maintain. If you are ready to explore an access control system to provide extra security to your valuable data, hardware, and the important people in your life, contact System Links today. We are Colorado Springs’ premier source for sales and installation of access control systems. We have the experience to address your access control questions and concerns, and our reputation for amazing sales and installation, customer service and longevity in the security industry is second to none. Contact us today to schedule your free on-site access control solution consultation.

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