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Whether you are a Colorado Springs homeowner or shopkeeper, the sound of jingle bells no doubt fills your heart with the joys of the season – and also reminds you that you need to take steps to prevent theft during the holidays. No matter how safe your neighborhood seems or how tight the security at your store may be, there are always opportunities for thieves to take what is not rightfully theirs. However, you can take steps to prevent theft during the holiday season. The secret is to utilize the best in security camera and surveillance systems.

If you are a home or retail owner looking for a powerful tool to keep thieves away from your home and shop, consider these benefits of a robust surveillance system.

Prevent Theft At During The Holidays – At Home

With the ease and convenience of online shopping and delivery, you may overlook the risks involved with leaving delivered packages on your doorstep while you are away from home. In addition, Colorado Springs homeowners who populate their yards with festive lawn decor have reported a rise in individuals stealing or vandalizing these expensive decorations. How can you protect your valuables from these crimes?

Find Your Weak Points

Take a moment and walk outside your front door. While we want our homes to be inviting to our friends and family, ask yourself if you are unwittingly inviting thieves to your doorstep. For instance, are your front door and any packages left there easily visible from the street? Do you have sufficient outdoor lighting to deter burglars from entering your property when the sun goes down? If you have a gate, do you keep it shut, especially at night? Giving close attention to these details will provide you with an idea of areas to start increasing your security and preventing theft during the holidays.

Change Your Delivery Method

Daytime theft from doorsteps has become more popular as more homeowners spend their days at work or otherwise away from their homes. Knowing this, many delivery companies allow homeowners and renters to leave confidential instructions on where to leave packages. Amazon, FedEx and UPS all have delivery notice services that you can personalize with where you would like your parcel left (behind the milk box, inside your gated porch, under a bush, etc.).

When placing online orders, be sure to check out what delivery options are available to you. From delivery instructions to holding packages for pick-up to changing your deliveries to your workplace instead of home, there are plenty of options to ensure that a Grinch does not ruin your Christmas.

Add Timers Indoors And Motion Sensor Lighting Outdoors

There is a reason why more burglaries happen at night. Darkness provides an enticing cover to thieves, especially when it is evident that the home is empty. If you plan to be away for the holidays, place timers on your lamps, set to come on at dusk.

To prevent burglary of your lawn decorations, consider installing motion-sensor lights in your yard. Very few thieves want to steal under the spotlight.

Install Security Cameras At Ingress Points To Your Yard And Home

There is a good reason why Colorado Springs homeowners utilize security camera surveillance systems to protect their homes, valuables and loved ones. Put simply, security cameras work. The sight of a hard-wired, and thus hard to tamper with, security camera is a significant deterrent to burglars. Additionally, many security cameras come standard with features like night-vision and smart options that make accessing video footage easy if needed.

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Prevent Theft During The Holidays – Retailers

Many Colorado Springs businesses rely on sales during the holiday season to bolster their yearly revenue and know first-hand how shoplifting affects your bottom line. Theft is one of the most significant factors that negatively influence retail businesses. If you own a retail shop in Colorado Springs, how can you reduce the risk of theft inside your store?

Identify Weak Points

The advice for homeowners above goes double for the diligent shopkeeper. The first thing you need to do is identify areas of your retail space that are most prone to shoplifting. These may be aisles that are not easily visible by employees at the register or displays close to the front door. If you are concerned that you are missing areas that might be incredibly tempting for the shopper looking for a “five-finger-discount,” ask for help from surveillance security camera experts like System Links. During your free on-site consultation, the experts can identify areas you may have missed while developing a comprehensive plan to prevent theft during the holidays and year-round.

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System Links - prevent theft during the holidays in your shop

Have A No-Tolerance Shoplifting Policy In Place

Let’s be honest, as vigilant as you are, it is impossible to keep an eye on every corner of your store every moment you are open. At one time or another, you or your employees will be assisting another customer, ringing up a sale, or just taking a much-needed break. To ensure that you and your employees are on the same page, establish a written “no-tolerance” policy for handling shoplifters. If your plans include pressing charges against all shoplifters, post signs in conspicuous places so that potential thieves know the risks involved with stealing from your store.

Install Modern Security Camera Systems

The most effective way to prevent theft during the holidays is to install advanced security cameras and surveillance equipment in your store. Modern security camera systems enable retailers to monitor their stores through mobile devices. Whether you are away on vacations or at home, an advanced surveillance system lets you keep an eye on every spot in your retail store.

Installing a security camera system both inside and outside your store will consistently record the activities in and around your shop. This allows you to report suspicious activities to authorities immediately and protect your valuable items. If your shop does fall victim to theft, you can share the footage with the police to aid in the prosecution of the thief. And who knows? Maybe you even will get your stolen goods back.

One of the hardest things to do for most small business owners is to leave the business in someone else’s care. This is one area where security camera systems really shine. Many advanced surveillance systems come with a wireless connection that enables you to monitor your property when you are away via a mobile application on your smartphone. This application allows you to check suspicious activities and provides mental peace that your property is secure.

Affordable Surveillance Solutions Can Prevent Theft During The Holidays

A few years ago, small businesses and homeowners found security cameras systems to be cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, times have changed, and security camera surveillance systems are affordable and come with advanced features that make it easy to prevent theft during the holidays. System Links is Southern Colorado’s premier choice for security camera system sales, installation, and service. Because we are locally and family-owned, our dedication to the safety and security of our neighbors is second to none. Contact us today for a free, on-site consultation at your home or business.

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