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A lot of Colorado Springs small business owners ask us what are the reasons to install security cameras in their small businesses. In today’s world, security cameras offer a large variety of features and related benefits, and surveillance systems are built to meet certain, specific needs.  

In this post, we’ll briefly explain the key reasons to install security cameras and some benefits for your small business.

Security Cameras Deter Crime  

The most popular reasons to install security cameras in local businesses are to protect from shoplifting and various forms of theft and vandalism. Thieves want easy targets.  Just the presence of security cameras can discourage criminals from targeting your property, encouraging them to move on to easier scores instead. 

Use Security Cameras To Gather Intel 

After deterring crime, one of the most popular reasons to install security cameras for many businesses is to collect info on what is going on at the businesses with employees, customers, and yes – even management.  Why? Because, when you know you are being recorded you avoid many potentially negative interactions in the workplace. So, if you are concerned about employee productivity, customer service, premise liability, in-house property theft or even workplace harassment and violence, installing a surveillance system will alleviate those concerns. 

Improve Retail Processes 

Closely related to the above step of gathering evidence, another of the many reasons to install security cameras is to discover inefficiencies in your business processes or even the physical layout of your office, production floor or store.  Many of our Colorado Springs area retail customers tell us they analyze security camera surveillance videos to improve business practices related to parking, greeting customers, high-interest product placement, aisle and shelving layouts, gauging customer interest in sales displays, register processes and more.  

Security Cameras Provide You With Convenience

Many Pikes Peak region business owners discover this happy reason to install security cameras – security cameras can let you be in two places at once.  For example, if your business has multiple locations you can save trips to each location by checking the video feed. You can use the security feed to make sure employees are showing up and providing great customer service, the store or office is clean and products are displayed correctly or that deliveries are being made and handled correctly.

Lower Your Insurance Costs With Security Cameras

Many Colorado Springs insurance companies offer discounts to public-facing businesses that install security camera systems.  For example, you can often save on liability insurance premiums.  Speak with a local insurance agent for more info. 

Conclusion – There Are Plenty Of Great Reasons To Install Security Cameras

In this post, we shared the many great reasons to install security cameras at your Colorado Springs business. Many business owners only think in terms of reducing shoplifting or monitoring employees and customers. However, there are many benefits beyond these including process improvement, customer service enhancements, and saving time and money on travel and insurance.

As a locally and family-owned small business, System Links is committed to the safety, security and values of our community.  If you are curious how a surveillance system may help your Colorado Springs area business, we offer free site visits and estimates for security camera installation. We are happy to help you determine the best security camera for your needs. 

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