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Owners and managers of Colorado Springs self-storage facilities use access control and security cameras not only for convenience but also to protect the valuables of their renters.

This is good news if you are part of the 38% of Americans storing your stuff outside your home property. And with the number of self-storage facilities springing up all over Southern Colorado, chances are that if you aren’t currently part of that statistic, you will be in the coming years.

Why are access control and security cameras vital to self-storage owners and those renting space from them? And what options should owners invest in when upgrading their current system or installing a new system?

Reasons Self-Storage Facilities Use Access Control

There are several reasons why self-storage facilities use access control and security cameras. Here are a few:

Improve Security

First of all, access control improves the security of self-storage facilities.

With advanced technology, access control systems can prevent unauthorized access to a storage unit. This is vital to renters who trust their valuables are secure in their units.

Self-storage owners can rest assured that they are not renting to nefarious individuals who use the space for storing stolen goods. In March 2022, two suspects were caught unloading a van full of stolen items into a storage unit in Colorado Springs.

Access control systems and security videos can provide valuable legal evidence for police and prosecutors if there is a security breach or theft.

Valuable Proof For Insurance Claims

sys links - self-storage facilities use access control for insurance claims

In the case of insurance claims, security cameras, in particular, can save both self-storage owners and renters a world of effort in proving property damage.

Recently, one of our self-storage clients called to thank us for installing and regularly maintaining their security camera system. The cameras captured video of the rain storm that came through and flooded the hallways of their enclosed storage units, damaging not only the property of the storage unit but also some of the items in the renter’s units.

The insurance company had to honor the claim because they could prove with the date and time-stamped video evidence that the flood was due to the rain.

Streamline Operations

Many self-storage facilities use access control systems to streamline their operations.

For example, a cloud-based system allows facility managers to manage access remotely and in real time. This saves time and improves efficiency, as managers can quickly grant or revoke access to a unit without being physically present at the facility.

Additionally, a mobile app can allow tenants to manage their own access, such as opening and closing a unit, without interacting with facility staff.

Increase Renter Satisfaction

Those renting space at a self-storage facility want assurance that their property is secure and that they can retrieve their stuff at their convenience. This assurance increases their satisfaction with the facility, leading to positive Google reviews, word-of-mouth referrals, and greater profitability.

Why Self-Storage Facilities Use Access Control With New Technology

There are many benefits of access control for self-storage facilities. Now, let’s talk about the wide range of options for owners and managers of self-storage facilities.

Keypads and Cards

Keypads and cards are the most common options for self-storage facilities to use access control.

With keypads, renters pick a unique PIN at sign-up that they will into the keypad at the entrance gate. The gate will then open, allowing access to the storage units.

Likewise, access cards are issued by facility staff when new individuals enter into a rental agreement. Then this card is held up to a reader before entering the entrance gate to grant access to the storage units.

However, several drawbacks exist when self-storage facilities use access control like keypads and access cards.

First and foremost is how easily users can share PINs and access cards with unauthorized individuals.

Second, “piggy-backing” vehicles can enter through the gate following the first vehicle and before the gate closes.

Third, lost cards and forgotten PINs often create more work for the facility staff.

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Cloud-Based Access Control Using Mobile Apps

Self-storage facilities use access control systems to secure their units from unauthorized entry, and the cutting-edge technology of cloud-based access control offers several advantages over traditional systems.

First, cloud-based systems allow remote management from anywhere, at any time. Owners and managers can send, revoke, or monitor electronic keys through a mobile app or web browser, which saves time and reduces the need to be physically present at the facility.

Second, cloud-based access control provides a higher level of security and accountability. Each access creates an entry in a log that can provide an audit of users with the touch of a button. This feature can provide valuable insights into facility usage and occupancy, which can help optimize revenue and operations.

Third, cloud-based access control is more flexible and scalable than traditional systems. For instance, if a renter forgets their access code or loses their key, a cloud-based system can quickly generate a new one without a manager being on-site. Talk about convenience!

Conclusion: Savvy Self-Storage Facilities Use Access Control Sold, Installed and Maintained by System Links

System Links Colorado offers a range of security solutions to meet each self-storage facility’s unique needs and budget. Our team of experts can assess your facility’s current security measures and provide the most appropriate access control and security camera system. And with our five-star installation and ongoing maintenance services, you can be sure that the system remains effective over the long haul.

Are you ready to see the available options for your self-storage? Contact us today to schedule your free site assessment and quote.