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Why are installing security cameras for large rural properties an absolute must for the many families and individuals who call these remote areas home?

If you live on a remote property, chances are you already know the answer to that question. From safety and security, asset protection to keeping an eye on crops, livestock and more, installing security cameras for large rural properties makes sense.

Keep reading for more information on how a surveillance system can benefit your property and cutting-edge features to consider including in your system.

Why Invest in Security Cameras for Large Rural Properties?

Safety and Security

While small urban properties and suburban dwellings often rely on their tight-knit communities to help keep them safe from potential threats, large rural properties tend to be much more isolated from assistance. This makes securing your sprawling estate with effective video surveillance systems an essential part of any security plan.

Like their suburban counterparts, rural properties benefit from security cameras throughout the property, including barns, outbuildings, equipment storage areas and the property’s perimeter.

Many large estates on the Front Range rely on gates to control access. The perfect complement to these access control systems is a security camera system that provides intercom capability and license plate recognition.

Monitoring of Crops and Livestock

Installing security cameras for large rural properties is especially beneficial for ranching or farming estates. Imagine the time saved by pulling up a live feed from your pasture to see where your livestock is grazing today or monitoring the irrigation of your crops while working on other vital operational tasks.

Additionally, surveillance cameras placed in barns can keep you alert and ready for birthing during foaling and calving seasons and can also catch that sneaky fox raiding your chicken coop.

Weather and Emergency Disaster Preparedness

If there is one certainty of Colorado living, it is that the weather can and will change at any moment. Surveillance cameras can prepare property owners for weather events, so they can take precautions before the weather comes into contact with valuable assets or structures. And most importantly, knowing a weather event is coming can allow property owners to get themselves and their beloved animals to safety.

Colorado is immune to many of the natural disasters other parts of the country struggle with, but one area that is always of concern here is the danger of wildfires.

When the Black Forest Fire started in June 2013, many residents were unaware of how quickly wildfires jump and spread in dry conditions.

Mandatory evacuations forced many Colorado Springs residents to flee without knowing if they would ever see their homes intact again. Seconds and minutes count in these emergencies, and live feeds from security cameras can provide those extra moments that save lives.

Additionally, property owners who installed security cameras on their properties large rural properties could monitor the fire’s progress and reduce the anxiety of not knowing if their home was (literally) in the line of fire.

Choosing Security Cameras for Large Rural Properties

Modern security camera systems provide cutting-edge technology that protects people, animals and assets. Some of the features to consider when choosing security cameras for large rural properties include the following:

security cameras for large rural properties enable you to view horsesField of View

Choose cameras with long-range capabilities and place them correctly to maximize their field of view. Even the best long-range cameras are ineffective if they capture mainly the sky and no pasture.


How high of definition you need depends on the application. Many farm and ranch owners opt for the highest definition in areas with ingress and egress from their property, barns, equipment storage areas, and utility sheds.

Night-Vision and Thermal Imaging

Since most security events happen under cover of darkness, consider investing in cameras with night-vision and thermal imaging capabilities. Never again will you be caught unawares by an intruder in the middle of the night.

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Motion Detection and Monitoring

One of the most significant benefits of modern security cameras for large rural properties is the ability to detect and monitor motion throughout your property. The cameras can be programmed to detect motion as small as a mouse or as broad as a moose. The settings are customizable to the needs of your estate.

Once the motion parameters are set, a CCTV camera system can automatically mark the exact time of a motion event, so you do not have to watch hours of recorded video to see what is happening.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are invaluable in maintaining the security of your large property. Knowing when outsiders are approaching your property before their arrival allows you time to decide if and how you want to grant access.

2-Way Radio Communication

Many security camera systems now come equipped with 2-way radio, so you can communicate with visitors at the gate or alert your spouse when dinner is almost ready, so they can start coming in from the ‘south forty.’

Which security camera system is suitable for your estate will depend on the size of your property, how you intend to use the system, and of course, your budget.


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