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As industry leaders in access control and asset security, System Links is always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies, and one of the trends we have been watching is the emergence of smartphone-enabled access control systems. But what exactly is smartphone-enabled access control, how does it differ from token-based systems, and why is this technology the future of access control?

What is Smartphone-Enabled Access Control?

By smartphone-enabled access control, we mean allowing access to a secure location based on the connection of a smartphone (and not a physical token or a biometric device). Typically, you grant this access the same way your phone connects to your car, Alexa, or other smartphone-enabled devices – via Bluetooth.

Smartphone As An Alternative To Token-Based Access Control

Smartphone-enabled access control is an alternative to the more traditional token-based access control systems where employees need to use physical proximity cards or fobs to enter secure areas such as the workplace or office buildings. Smartphone-enabled access control systems authenticate users through an app or software installed on the smartphone.

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Why Using Smartphones Is The Next Step For Access Control

Allowing entry with a smartphone, the most widely used device in the world, is the next logical step for the security of a building, room, or system. Why? For four main reasons:

Smartphones Eliminate the Need for Tokens

One of the biggest challenges to Colorado businesses that utilize traditional access control systems is their employees. Even the best employees can share, lose, or be victims of theft. And worse yet, employees are often not anxious to reveal their indiscretions to their employers, leaving the security of the building and the business at risk.

Some businesses have gone another route for access control and utilize keypads for entry. However, this system is fraught with issues as well. First, forgetful employees may need to write down the code, and the note can be easily lost. Second, sharing codes between employees and visitors is even easier than sharing a keycard.

Switching to smartphone-enabled systems eliminates the above potential security risks. Very few individuals share their phones with others, and most individuals carry their phones with them at all times.

smartphone-enabled access control

Easy Integration with Current Access Control Systems

One of the things that we love about smartphone-enabled access control is how easily these systems are to integrate into a business. Companies with access control via traditional tokens can smoothly integrate smartphone technology into their existing systems. This can be a valuable consideration for companies desiring to transition into a modern access control system gradually.

Convenience of Software Upgrades vs. Hardware Upgrades

Any Southern Colorado business owner with experience in traditional access control systems knows that the initial cost of installation and maintenance of the included hardware can be inconvenient and costly.

On the other hand, smartphone-enabled access control has comparatively low installation costs, and most maintenance is as easy as updating software or an app on your phone.

Granting and Revoking Credentials With the Swipe of Your Finger

A considerable advantage of smartphone-enabled access control is the ease with which administrators can grant and revoke user access. With a simple swipe of the finger, a new employee can access all business areas relevant to their position. Conversely, employees who are no longer part of the company can have their permissions quickly revoked by the same simple swipe of the administrator.

Additionally, business owners and managers can permit access during specific times and receive alerts when employees attempt entry at unauthorized times. Again, all of this is done efficiently through your smartphone.

Smartphone-Enabled Access Control is the Future of Security

As with many other sectors, the security camera and access control industry is shifting into new territories. Modern access control has come a long way since the days of tokens and keypads. We have moved from being a hardware-centric industry to a software-driven industry. This shift paves the way for innovations and growth opportunities.

Smartphone-enabled access control systems are one emerging trend that System Links is proud to promote in Southern Colorado. This exciting technology is not only cutting-edge but also provides a cost-effective solution for local businesses seeking to protect their assets through asset control.

If you want to learn more about smartphone-based security for your home or business, please contact us to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to being your guide to the future of security!

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