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Another holiday season is upon us, and whether you are staying home or traveling, you are likely interested in holiday home security tips to keep you and your loved ones thoroughly enjoying the festivities.

As your safe haven, home security is likely a concern year-round. But alongside the pleasant traditions that accompany the holiday season, home burglaries also increase during the holidays. Taking simple precautions can significantly enhance your home’s safety and security during the holidays and throughout the year.


The idea that keeping your lights on can deter burglaries should be no surprise. Thieves are less likely to break into well-lit homes. Start by replacing bulbs in your outdoor lamps and make sure sensors on solar lights are not obstructed during the day so they can have a strong glow throughout the night. If your yard is very dark, consider installing motion-sensor lighting to deter criminals from approaching your home.

Indoors, install timers on lamps and TVs, or consider converting your home into a smart home, where your smartphone controls the lighting.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Locking doors and windows is an obvious security measure for all homeowners. We include this reminder for holiday home security because the holidays increase activities and visits from friends and family. Remembering to lock your doors and windows after deliveries or coming into the home with your hands full can be a challenge. Prioritize this simple step, and your holiday home security will increase exponentially.

Another of our holiday home security tips is to avoid hiding a spare house key under a rock, window ledge, or flower pot near the door. If you are afraid of locking yourself out of your home or want to leave a key for a visiting family member, a better idea is to leave the key with a trusted neighbor, or if that’s not possible, move it to a location away from the door. Better yet, upgrade your door handle and lock to a smart lock. These modern innovations make keys obsolete and can make your home more secure.

Enlist the Help of Your Neighbors

Home burglaries affect more than just the individual homeowner. Everyone in the neighborhood has a vested interest in keeping crime away from their homes. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, and develop an acquaintance that can benefit you both by keeping an eye on each other’s property. If you are traveling this season, see if they are willing to keep your house looking ‘lived in’ by getting the mail, parking in your driveway occasionally, or clearing the snow off your walkway.

Be Careful With Your Garbage

You may not have thought about this holiday home security tip, but your trash could invite thieves to break into your home. Think about it. If you are a criminal looking for a good target, are you more likely to hit the home where you cannot see what they got for Christmas or the home that places boxes from Apple, Samsung, or other high-ticket items on the curb next to their garbage can?

The best idea is to break down your boxes, put them in opaque trash bags, and then place the bags inside the garbage can.

holiday home security tip - put out presents on christmas eveTake a Tip From Santa

Old St. Nick may have it right by dropping off gifts on Christmas Eve. A Christmas tree positioned in front of a window is a beautiful sight. However, placing your tree where a trespasser can easily see beautifully wrapped presents may provide all the temptation needed to mark your house as an easy target. Move your tree to a less visible spot and delay putting presents out until Christmas Eve, just as Santa does.

Package Delivery

One of the most significant issues for holiday home security is package delivery. The convenience and economic benefits of online shopping are indisputable. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who has noticed. So-called porch pirates relish in the knowledge that in any given neighborhood, half of the homeowners use online shopping to complete their holiday to-do lists. So what can be done to lessen the odds of your home being the target of porch pirates?

Being home to accept all deliveries is generally not an option for most busy homeowners in Colorado Springs. Consider changing your delivery locations to your office, Amazon Hubs, or a trusted friend or neighbor who is home and can hold onto your packages until you can retrieve them. If these not are viable options, just being aware of your projected deliveries and collecting them from your doorstep as soon as possible can keep you from falling victim to criminals looking for an easy score.

Save Your Social Media Posts

A holiday home security tip that many need to remember is to refrain from publishing your travel plans and pictures on social media until after you return home. The excitement of seeing new places or reconnecting with friends and family is undeniable, and you should take all the pictures your phone or SD card can hold! But immediately posting these memories on social media can alert criminals that you are gone and your home is ripe for plundering.

Instead, stay in the moment and keep your posts to a minimum.

Increase Holiday Home Security with Surveillance Cameras

Time and time again, statistics have shown that installing security cameras is one of the most effective ways to prevent theft and vandalism. Criminals are less likely to target your home or business if they know there is a possibility of El Paso County prosecutors using security video as legal evidence to seek their conviction. The possible score is not worth the risk.

Are You Ready to Amp Up Your Holiday Home Security?

If ensuring holiday home security is on the top of your to-do list, there is good reason to contact a fully licensed and insured professional home security camera installer rather than going the DIY route.

Professional installers know where to install home security cameras and can ensure they are correctly calibrated to capture vulnerable areas where criminals can sneak in. Too often, DIYers find out too late that the camera meant to capture activity at their doorstep points to the sky or that the recordings are out of focus.

System Links has the experience, cameras, and know-how you need to secure your home year-round. Contact us today to schedule your free security assessment and receive your free security camera installation quote.