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Autumn is quickly sneaking up on us in Southern Colorado, and many homeowners are searching for Halloween security tips to protect both themselves and the trick-or-treaters haunting their neighborhoods. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been in your current home for years, you can never be too prepared for a neighborhood event like Halloween. Here are some tips (and tricks!) to ensure that your home is secure this Halloween. 

Best Halloween Security Tips

A secure home is important all year round, but especially during Halloween.  A 2016 report from Traveler’s Insurance showed that homeowner claims for property crimes rose 24% on Halloween night.   

While that might seem startling, the following tips will help keep your home safe and secure during Halloween night and throughout the rest of the year.

Set Your Alarms and Security Systems

Ensuring that all your alarms, security cameras and systems are working properly prior to Halloween night will prevent any worry that your system is not functioning properly. And, since many times just the sight of a security camera or alarm system will deter thieves from committing crimes, you should make sure your camera is in clear view and not hidden. 

Related to making sure your cameras and alarms are set ahead of time, you may also want to consider placing a sticker in your window or a sign in your yard that you are protecting your property. These can serve a dual purpose. First, families will know that your home is safe for younger trick-or-treaters. Second, potential burglars or vandals know that your home is secure and that they can be caught on video. Make sure signs in your yard are easily visible and window stickers in plain view so that all guests (wanted and unwanted) can see the measures you take to protect your home.

Light Up Your Home

Its simple, lights signal to visitors that you are home and aware of their presence. 

Whether your Halloween plans include staying at home handing out candy or going out, leave on a few house lights to let visitors know that someone is home. This simple Halloween security tip can deter potential criminals from marking your home as an easy target. 

Additionally, If you have closed down and are no longer handing out candy, or are just not participating in the revelries this year, you may want to invest in motion sensor lights. Your house and lawn may be dark, implying that no one is awake or home to hand out treats. However, if someone crosses onto your property the lights will come on.  This conveys the message that even though it may seem that no one is home, you are keeping watch on your property.

Halloween Security Tips - Lock Up!Secure All Your Windows and Doors

If you are occupied on your front porch all night handing out candy to kids, burglars and vandals may see an opportunity to approach your home through open windows and an unlocked back door. Close and lock all windows are doors outside your line of sight so no surprise visitors can get in. Placing security cameras or sensors on other entrances to your house is also a great way to make sure no one gets in without your knowledge. 

Close the Garage

If you have a garage, use it! Park your cars in your garage and lock them. With so many people out walking, an open garage door can be an open invitation to look inside. And if they are inclined to look inside, they may see something that they like and return later to snatch it up. Also parking your cars inside your garage ensures that your cars can’t get vandalized,  even if you’re in a place with low foot or motor traffic.

Take Pictures of Your Home Beforehand

Taking a few pictures of your home before Halloween goes into full spooky swing can ensure that, if something does end up happening on your property, you have documentation of what your home looked like before and after the incident. You’ll be able to contact your insurance company and present them with the evidence.

Lock Up Tight

Determine ahead of time when to cutoff giving out candy, and make sure you lock everything up when you do stop. Secure doors, gates, garage, and anything else important to you. Locking up ensures that there are no tricks after you’ve given out all the treats!


 While it is an unfortunate fact that some use Halloween as an opportunity to do damage to their neighbor’s homes and properties, implementing these Halloween security tips should give you some peace of mind. At System Links, we understand that Halloween’s reputation as the spookiest night of the year can seem even scarier for Colorado Springs homeowners wanting to protect their homes, property, and families. We have been helping our friends and neighbors throughout Southern Colorado protect what is most important to them for over 20 years. From camera and full system sales and installation at homes and businesses to access control systems for larger properties, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you’ll be safe from all the ghouls and ghosts roaming around the neighborhood this Halloween.

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