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Access control for daycare centers is one feature Southern Colorado parents demand when selecting a childcare facility. And really, who can blame them? They are entrusting the care and safety of their precious child to someone else. Parents want to know that their child’s well-being is in the hands of responsible individuals who will care for them as well as they would themselves. But does that mean that access control for daycare centers only benefits the parents, or is this a worthwhile investment for daycare operators as well? This blog will give solid reasons to consider installing or upgrading the access control system for your Colorado Springs childcare facility.

Why Consider Access Control for Daycare Centers?

There are four reasons why installing or upgrading access control in your daycare is a good idea.

Access Control Gives Parents Peace of Mind

As mentioned, the number one reason more parents seek childcare facilities with access control systems is to give them peace of mind. The knowledge that only authorized personnel and visitors are allowed in the center assures parents that their child or children are in a safe and secure environment. They know that only those with permission to pick up their child will be allowed into the building – a true blessing when a couple goes through a contentious divorce or other concerns for the child’s safety are present.

When access control for daycare centers is present, along with a professionally installed security camera system, moms and dads can get the extra reassurance throughout the day that their child is happy and receiving appropriate attention and care.

Access Control Increases Staff Safety

Especially for daycare centers, having happy staff members can make or break the business. These hard-working and dedicated employees are on-site first thing in the morning to accommodate early risers and late into the day until the last child is (finally) picked up. Since this often means opening and closing while it is dark outside, think of the security you are providing when they know they are the first ones in the door, and no one can enter until they are ready to receive them.

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Access Control Benefits the Daycare Center Operator

system Links-access control for daycare centers late parentsEvery daycare center has that one parent (hopefully just one) who is consistently late to pick up their child at the end of the day. Worse yet, this parent often doesn’t realize how late they are regularly and does not believe they should pay for the additional time. However, access control for daycare centers can provide detailed drop-off and pick-up times is as easy as clicking a button. Imagine the benefits of not arguing with parents and guardians over billing issues! Parents will know not only what time they are picking up their child, but if the responsibility is shared between two guardians, they can track who is timely and who is late.

In addition, daycare operators can remove the complications of unbilled time and manage employees better. Knowing that one staff member who is supposed to open each day is consistently 15 minutes late to work can help you decide if another staff member might be a better fit for an opening shift.

Access Control Can Assist Compliance with Colorado Regulations for Daycare Centers

As any daycare operator knows, the Colorado Department of Early Childhood has many rules and regulations that centers must follow to maintain their license. These standards are non-negotiable and include precise record-keeping such as monitoring staff movement, logs for sign-in and sign-out for each child each day, and which individuals have the authorization to pick up the child at the end of each day. Access control systems for daycare centers can make compliance with these and many other regulations easy.

Choosing the Right Access Control for Daycare Centers

As discussed, there are many reasons why access control for daycare centers is a worthwhile investment. The many benefits to daycare operators are second only to the peace of mind given to parents and staff.

Many options are available to daycare centers concerned with access control. From keypads to card and fob readers to Bluetooth access through smartphones, the only challenge you face is deciding which system is suitable for your facility and budget. And fortunately, there is a straightforward answer to that as well. The easiest way to evaluate the options available is to contact a professional access control installer. When you schedule your free, on-site security evaluation with System Links, you get access to decades of experience from a local access control expert.

Parents trust you to take care of their most valuable asset. You can trust System Links to provide friendly, timely, and professional service to keep your daycare center secure.