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As the population of Colorado Springs continues to grow, the ability of emergency responders and access control systems to work together to provide quick and efficient emergency response times has become an increasingly vital subject. Because mere seconds can mean the difference between life and death, emergency responders must be able to reach those in need as quickly as possible.

If you have ever wondered how Colorado Springs police, the fire department and paramedics get past access control systems to help those in need, keep reading.

Emergency Responders and Access Control Systems Work Hand in Hand During a Crisis

There are a wide array of security solutions to choose from that meet with the approval of both emergency responders and access control system administrators. Here are four types of systems that have a proven track record of approval:

Rapid Entry System

The first type is a rapid entry system, which allows emergency responders quick access to a building during an emergency. This system allows emergency responders to easily access a building’s key without damaging the building or waiting for a property owner to arrive.

However, that does not mean the system does not have disadvantages. First and foremost, locating and accessing the lockbox takes precious moments away from those needing immediate assistance.

Second, after authorized individuals gain access, there is no way to ensure that a nefarious individual can not copy or distribute the key or access credentials before replacing the original in the lockbox. One answer to this issue from the access control experts at VIZpin is to replace the keypad code or physical key with a fob, which is completely trackable and impossible to copy. Lost or stolen fobs can be simply turned off and replaced with a new fob with new access credentials.

That is a solution that both emergency responders and access control administrators can appreciate.

Smart Lock

A smart lock is a standalone device that utilizes electronic means, such as codes, smartphone apps or key fobs, instead of keys to unlock doors and grant access. No more fumbling with keys or lockboxes means quicker response times during emergencies.

Many existing access control systems can easily integrate smart locks to allow emergency responders immediate access.

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Smart Interconnected Lock

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Smart interconnected lock systems use software to remotely control and monitor doors and gates – allowing remote access and control of doors and gates using a mobile app or another device.

Because of the options for layered rules and alerts within system software, opening gates and doors for police, fire department, and ambulances is quick and straightforward.

Smart interconnected locks are entirely scalable and can be quickly and easily integrated with other security systems and technologies, making emergency responders and access control users happy.

Cloud-Based Access Control

The fourth type is a cloud-based security solution that eliminates the hassle and cost of wiring every door or managing access with keys. Cloud-based systems can grant and manage access from any internet-enabled device, with updates instantly applied.

If lockdowns are necessary (such as in the case of an active shooter), cloud-based access control systems can quickly and easily lock down a facility while still allowing emergency responders access to the site.

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Emergency Responders and Access Control Administrators: A Common Goal to Serve and Protect

In addition to these specific systems, a range of other options can provide secure access control while allowing for rapid emergency response times. By choosing an access control system that is compatible with emergency responder systems and protocols, property managers and owners can help to ensure that emergency services can quickly reach those in need.

System Links Colorado is an expert in the sales, installation and service of access control systems in Colorado Springs. We understand the importance of ensuring that emergency responders and access control systems work hand in hand, providing quick access to buildings and facilities.

By partnering with System Links Colorado for their access control solutions, local companies can ensure that they provide the safest possible environment for their employees and customers while supporting emergency responders’ critical work.

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